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Touch of Frost                                      (Motorcycle Rider with David Jason as passenger)


Thunderbirds                                        (Virgil Double)

Agent Cody Banks II                             (Utility Stunts)

The Last Detective                               (Motorcycle Rider1)



Byker Grove                                           (Motorcycle Rider)

Judge John Deed                                  (Stunt Double: David Nicoliades)

The Yank   

Monarch of the Glen Series 6              (Stunt Double: Martin Compston)

Sea of Souls                                          (Motorcycle Courier)

Batman: The Intimidation Game         (Utility Stunts and Car Driver)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory     (Stunt Double: Jonny Depp and Night Messenger)

Inspector Lynley Mysteries Series 4

Stoned (The  Wild and Wicked World of Brian Jones) (Stunt Double: Leo Gregory)

Hustle 2

William and Mary

CREDITS 2002 - 2004

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